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we build and operate global tracking systems and supply location tracking modules with integrated wireless communications packages

managing moving things

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Our ultra-light tracking modules send location and flight status to our cloud management services via mobile networks

Cloud services that allow self management of pilot registration, flightpath tracking and historic record-keeping. Multi-user, multi-device support means you can see all you moving assets in real-time or historic views.

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Real-time mapping systems overlay all active flights with streaming location data and no-fly-zone warning and alert tracking

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On-board flying modules use mobile network connectivity to share pilot identity and live tracking data over any available network to uniquely identify each device via a secure SIM

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Flight records are archived and available for retrieval and mapping. Device and Pilot data plus no-fly-zone warnings give essential evidence for various commercial and regulatory needs

Managing moving things

  • AIR
  • SEA
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Available directly to end-users and also to application partners for customization to their specific region and services

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Solutions based on globalized cloud services:

We set out to create a highly scalable, high performance software solution to provide global management of devices, pilot registration and flight tracking.  Our solution is made up databases to store all relevant data about managed objects and their tracking histories, messaging systems to pass real-time tracking data to different sub-systems and a range of customisable user interfaces for different end user and partner web portals.

Managing moving things

  • AIR
  • SEA
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In the News

announcements and industry participation

PRESS RELEASE - Secure airspace management for small drones is here: RelmaTech’s SIAM solves safety concerns

By RelmaTech PR Team

An innovative solution for drones operated below 500 feet. Concerns of policy makers, regulators and the public answered.

RelmaTech announces its innovative Secure Integrated Airspace Management - SIAM - solution for small RPAS operated below 500 feet.

PRESS RELEASE - RelmaTech and V-TOL claim world’s first commercial RPAS/UTM flights

By RelmaTech PR Team

Secure airspace management for small drone operations is here. RelmaTech’s SIAM system – the leader in making small drone operations safe.

RelmaTech partners with Australia’s V-TOL Aerospace to claim the world’s first commercial flight operations of an RPAS supported by a UTM system - RelmaTech's SIAM solution.

managing moving things

  • AIR
  • SEA
  • LAND


Relmatech is a global business, creating and delivering global solutions for the management of any unmanned, remote piloted system.  These solutions handle real-time and historic location data for the purpose of live tracking, pilot authorisation and evidence management across multiple applications.  We work with customers and partners to help deploy our systems and introduce advanced flight management procedures to the emerging standards for unmanned vehicles and devices.  The ultimate goal is ensure a fully co-ordinated, spatial management of complex airspace in commercial, civil and military contexts. 


Our systems provide intuitive mapping and flight overlays for real-time reporting of location, pilot credentials and no-fly zone encroachment or violation.  The globalized nature of the tracking database means you can build systems that both publish your asset flight data and share related data from other operators in airspace you must co-operate within.  Our systems are proven successful in applications that include commercial flight operations in collaboration with both civil and military air-traffic control. 


We provide systems to end users and commercial partners who customise and resell our core services, if you would like to find out more or join our partner program please contact us.

Management Team

phil hall

Phil Hall

Founder, CEO

Philip has over 30 years management experience in project/program delivery and technology operations across a diverse range of industries, including Banking & Finance, Construction, Defence Aerospace, Emergency Management, Environment & Earth Sciences and Information Technology & Communications.


Under the IEEE Philip is a member of the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) and the Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT). He is Vice Chair of the AESS Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) Technical Panel, and sits on the SSIT Board of Governors as Vice President and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. He is also Chair of the IEEE-USA Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy (CTAP), and authored the current CTAP Position Statement on Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Related Technologies. As Chair of CTAP, he also serves on the IEEE-USA Government Relations Council which advises the United States Administration and Congress, and serves as Co-Chair on the newly established IEEE-USA AdHoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. He is also a member of the IEEE P1920.1™ Aerial Network Communications Working Group, recently established by the IEEE Standards Association.

simon brown

Simon Brown

Founder, CTO

Simon brings a wealth of experience from the mobile telecommunications industry having taken a number of companies to a market leadership position in their fields. He has over 20 years experience working at an executive level in the mobile industry, holding a number of senior positions which include CEO of ip.access, the leading vendor of small cells globally; CEO of Telsis, the world’s leading sms routing platform supplier; and Chairman of Movirtu, the leading provider of Mobile Identity Management Solutions, prior to the sale of the company to Blackberry.


Formerly as Nokia Networks VP Sales and Marketing EMEA, and prior to that as VP & GM of a number of Nokia Networks Business Units, Simon generated stunning growth and impressive operational business performance, taking Nokia to a leadership position in many of the regions in which he worked. On leaving Nokia, Simon generated similar growth at Followap as COO prior to its sale to Neustar where Simon joined the executive board and took over as SVP & GM of the newly named Neustar Next Generation Messaging business unit.

owen bridle

Owen Bridle

Founder, Chief Architect

Owen Bridle has over twenty years of experience within the information technology sector, serving in financial and non-financial corporations as both customer and supplier.  His experience covers strategic planning, consulting, sales, project management, planning and installing complex computer systems. He has managed teams with technical hands-on and sales capability in mainframes, networking, automation, change management, problem management, problem determination, performance management, disaster recovery and IP telephony. In his career he has established and managed technical engineering teams with overlay functions looking after key and complex accounts across the world.

laurence moorse

Laurence Moorse


Laurence is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Secretary and holds a MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking. He is a consultant Chief Financial Officer, business mentor and angel investor with approaching twenty years experience in senior financial and Board roles. Starting his career at Deloitte, he has since worked across a wide range of industry sectors including fintech, engineering, support services, legal, health, telecoms and software.


His achievements include taking an AIM listed plc from £30m market cap to the successful sale of its major division for over £600m and the completion of over 50 acquisitions and disposals ranging from SMEs, to listed companies and international groups.

john thynne

John Thynne

Manager, Aviation Solutions

John Thynne (JT) served in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) from 1969 to 2000 then for a further eight years worked on Command and Control systems as a Reservist before joining the Department of Defence and then the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

In 2012 he was appointed as Manager, Safety Systems Office in the Office of the Director of Aviation safety, responsible for management of CASA’s surveillance framework, safety performance and analysis, interaction with the Australian Transportation Safety Board (ATSB), and between December 2013 and December 2015, the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) certificate management team. In 2016, he left CASA and formed his own aviation consulting company focusing on aviation safety for RPAS and joined RelmaTech

gavin ray

Gavin Ray

Head of Product Marketing

Gavin is a highly experienced international manager with a focus on creating innovative new product portfolios and taking technology products to market and growing volume. Most recently he spent 4 years as SVP Products & Marketing at ip.access responsible for the mobile network, small cell solutions and product portfolio spanning 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. Previously he has held senior roles at Cisco in Service Provider Consulting and OSS Management and technical design roles at AT&T.


If you would like to talk to us about our products, become a reseller or find out more about our technology please contact us:

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